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About Us - DIY Funeral

Firstly, you are probably here because you have lost a loved one. I am sorry for your loss. I do understand how traumatic and difficult it can be to make decisions at a time when you are grieving.

I have lost both my parents and when planning their funerals I sadly found that there was a lot of misinformation that I had to sift through to create a DIY funeral for each of them.

Prior to their deaths my parents had asked that I keep both their funerals as simple and affordable as possible and that I should not go into debt for an elaborate funeral for either of them.

My father had been a builder and I found that it was a priviledge to be able to build caskets for both of my parents.

Friends and family who attended those services have encouraged me to share what I have learnt. The result is this website.

There is NO legal requirement for you to use a Funeral Director. You can probably do far more for your Loved One on their final journey than you may realise.

I hope that this website will help you to simply know how you can organise a very meaningful, special and also affordable DIY funeral.

And, as I have found, you will be rewarded with the satisfaction that you have done something very special to honour the person you have loved.

You can plan and achieve an affordable alternative that can be very meaningful for you and your family in your time of grief.

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