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What You Can Do Yourselves
~ A New Zealand Guide ~

by Phillip Tomlinson

Originally published a decade ago as a South Canterbury guide to family funerals "Arranging a Funeral" is now in its 3rd edition.

This book has helped hundreds of families throughout New Zealand to run funerals themselves for their own loved ones. It is a New Zealand guide as to what you can do yourselves and save thousands of dollars.

Tomlinson is a graduate in both Arts and Sciences, but this book is not an academic exercise. Rather, in questioning our modern profit-driven funeral rituals, he takes a journey with those aware of the relationship between mental health and grief. This book does not discuss the problem but solves it. It suggests an escape route from repressed grief.

Tomlinson is very practical, and draws on his vast personal experience assisting and guiding many families. The seven key tasks that need to be completed when a family is faced with grief are clearly explained in this simply written guide.

Tomlinson covers the important topics of:

  • Intrim care of the deceased
  • Paperwork legally required
  • Transporting the deceased
  • Newspaper notices
  • Acquiring a coffin
  • Organising a burial / cremation
  • The Funeral Service

This guide should be a MUST READ for anyone, whether you choose to have a commercial funeral service costing on average $10,000 or a home based funeral costing under $1,500.

Only $9.95 (plus $2.60 postage in NZ)

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