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Arranging A Funeral

What You Can Do Yourselves
~ A New Zealand Guide ~

by Philip Tomlinson

Originally self-published in 2002, "Arranging a Funeral - What You Can Do Yourselves" has been reprinted several times. It has helped many families throughout New Zealand to run their own inexpensive funerals. The booklet can be purchased directly from the author (details below).

Although a little old fashioned in the internet era, this booklet does still provide accurate and practical advice on completing the tasks involved in dealing with a loved one's death. These include:

  • Interim care of the deceased
  • Paperwork legally required
  • Transporting the deceased
  • Newspaper notices
  • How to construct a coffin (plans are included)
  • Organising a burial / cremation
  • The Funeral Service

To obtain a copy of this booklet, or just to have a chat to Philip, who is a very interesting man, please ring:

Philip Tomlinson (03) 688 1333; or
email Philip on