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I make a small range of rectangular caskets which I either have in stock or can usually supply at short notice. Please order by calling or texting Frances on 022 561 5620 or emailing me at

I make all of my caskets individually, by hand, almost entirely from recycled materials. I use new plywood for my flatpacks only. All the others are made of recycled triboard, untreated pallet wood and cover sheets of thin packing ply or MDF. Because of this they all have slight imperfections. My more expensive caskets are hand painted originals - each one is truly unique. I also sell a "DIY kit" which you can use to build your own direct-to-cremation casket using plywood you source yourself. If you are interested in this, please click here.

Sizing of my caskets is as follows:

  • Small: 175cm x 55cm x32cm. This size is suitable for most frail old people
  • Standard: 190cm x 60cm x 35cm. This size is suitable for an average person up to 6'2" tall
  • Large: 205cm x 60cm x 40cm. This size is suitable for taller or overweight people
These measurements may vary slightly and larger sizes can be made upon request.

I can provide interior decoration including pillows and linings in various fabrics (please call me to discuss what I have available). I can also supply individually made pet caskets upon request.

Sourcing recycled materials and preparing them for use is extremely labour and time intensive, but it keeps a lot of wood out of landfill which would otherwise go to waste. If you buy from me you can be sure you are supporting a real person as well as the message I am promoting on this website.

Handles are needed if a casket is to be carried by pallbearers or transported without a gurney or trolley. If you are planning a burial, you will either need a casket with handles or will have to figure out a way to carry and lower the casket without them. Councils usually provide lowering equipment but a casket without handles will be difficult to position on that equipment.

Caskets can be picked up from Stokes Valley, shipped all over the country, or potentially delivered if you live in the lower North Island.

Current range

Direct-to-cremation casket

This casket has a solid base made from untreated recycled pallets, thin ply or MDF walls reinforced with battens, and a thin ply or mdf lid. It is relatively lightweight at 25kg. The handles at each end are for ease of handling the casket itself and are not designed to carry a bodyweight. For this reason it is not suitable for burial.

Price: $400

Upgrades: side rails strong enough to carry a body - $100 // Painted satin white, or another colour - $100

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Flatpack plywood casket

This casket is made from brand new plywood. Detailed assembly instructions are provided along with screws, but you will need to provide your own PVA glue.

Price: $400

Upgrades: Rope handles - $80 // Assembly - $80 // Painted satin white, or another colour - $100.

An upgraded version is shown in the photos

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Personalised lids

A hand-painted lid such as this one can also be added to any plain casket. Please call me to discuss what colours and design you would like. This can include calligraphy.

Price: $100 upwards, depending on the design

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Artistic Bespoke Coffins

A casket need not cost the earth in order to be beautiful, personal and meaningful. These caskets are completely individual and different every time. I aim to provide a truly beautiful personalised casket which celebrates the individuality of the deceased person. Handles of various kinds can be built in and decoration can be anything, from your person's favourite colour with silver or gold trim to totally unique hand painted designs or calligraphy.

If you have any particular ideas or preferences please call or text Frances on 022 561 5620 and I'll see if I can make it for you.

Caskets currently in stock

I currently have the following decorated caskets in stock. See below for examples of work I have done in the past.

Style: Regal --- Size: small --- Price: $800

Style: Paua --- Size: small --- Price: $700

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Gallery of previous work

A specially made casket will always reflect the interests, tastes and wishes of the person who has died better than something standardised. It has been an honour and privilege for me to make these caskets for the people who have needed them. They are, and always will be, special and unique.

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